The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 16 Season 2...............Keeping it real.

today i got a lot of actual work done. all i am proud because i have been putting them off. this week it is my goal to get way ahead of all of my work. i don't know what really to say today. i am sitting here re writing everything that i type about 5 times. i guess i am just having one of those days where i should just meditate because my articulation is not coming easily.

i am seeing dana tonight, we are going to the cavs game. we had plans to go weeks ago so i decided to not uninvite him and still go with him. its funny, we kind of broke up on saturday and its only tuesday and i really miss him. we still have talked everyday but it doesn't feel the same. i had a really odd dream about him last night. it was more about my fears than actual happenings. i guess i didn't realize how much i was caring for him until i decided to break it off. hopefully tonight we get talk more about it. no, you know what not hopefully. WE WILL TALK ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP. i want dana to be my boyfriend. i want him to care deeply for me, and i want to give us a real chance. these are my goals and wants for today to really focus on and continue to keep present in my mind.


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Comment by Maggie May on March 31, 2009 at 9:55pm
let me know how it goes!

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