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I have had a beautiful start to my season. I feel and see that this season for me is so much about refinement, refining my energy, my intentions and my focus because I have EVERYTHING that I was working towards on the past seasons. I have had lots of experiences  in real life and in dreams about sorting and revitalizing, I have been helping my mom my sorting a bunch of her stuff as she is looking to move out of one of the houses that I grew up in so there is lots of old old stuff that  brings back lots of stuck memories, that processes has actually been helpful for me to sort through myself  and pick out what I want to keep and what I wish to not focus on. I feel that by focusing on what is working, it works better and the other stuff fades to the background,  after sorting her stuff, sorting my own twice after an eventful week, last night I had dreams of ordering some organizer for a new bathroom, new kitchen new everything in a spacious modern glass filled apartment. It could be my future home I am not sure. I feel like things are really going well for me. I feel that my new friend is really a good fit for me and some of the old ones that faded away may comeback around and fit better on the second time around. I am, learning to put myself first in line, which is hard to remember to do, but when I do it everything run so much more easily. I am grateful  and thankful for these lessons.  

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Comment by Let there be Light on May 4, 2015 at 7:42pm

Funny, I associated glass to sth that's transparent, see-through, clean. :D

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