The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 17 - WAKE UP WAKE!!! Its tha 1st of tha Month!!!!

Hi Guys......

"It is human to think wisely and to act in an absurd fashion!".

I totally agree with this quote because my mind and focus is on the challenge, however my actions have been a bit wayside as of late. However I am still dedicated to the cause of my weight loss and in anything that will see me to me achieving my goal.

Well to date I have not eaten any fastfood chain foods....I have indulged though, in fish n chips and a burger at a cafe, this will equate to 4 days of the 17 days I have been on my Im not going toooo bad!

I get compliments that I am losing weight and look at myself in the mirror and think 'DAMN' Im looking good....seeing muscles I have never seen that must be a definate sign that Im on track.

Video blogs are just not happening...Im sooo busy with the workout regime that I tend to forget to tape myself...and just trying to work out how to upload from my phone to here is a mission (100 day goal) in its self.

Ive started to incorporate Hip Hop dancing into my regime which will boost me up to a full 7 days of workouts, however this will be the final week of getting full engagement as my 3 day fitness squad break for the school holidays.

My 1 on 1's are valuable in that Im getting caned to the bone, but he looks cute doing it =) but seeing the benefits no doubt.

Im quickly approaching my 1st quarter mark so I will update you then at 25 days to let y'all know how Im progressing.

Much Love to you!!!!

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