The 100 Day Reality Challenge

What a day I had yesterday. It was a real letting go. It culminated in my shoulder, groin muscle and my ankle all feeling so much better. All of these ailments were due to me pushing and holding on to old stuff . They were due to me not letting my heart open wide.  They were due to me not liking myself that much, about being unsure about who I am and what I want.

One of the intentions I put forth in my Day 1 was to open my heart, to allow love, more love, lots of love. Yesterday my heart burst open. It felt amazing! Today I am in love with everything and I mean everything! What a cool loving wonderful feeling this is. I also realize that the love and the appreciation of everything around me is the way to create more and more of what I love and what I want. Abraham talks often about appreciating what you see. Well what I see I now understand is really ME. What I see is what I have created, every tiny last bit of it. It is an extension of ME, all that I love and appreciate about ME. The more I love and appreciate ME, the more I see what pleases me. Is it really so simple.

Yesterday walking at the beach with two people I love, in a place I love, with a sunset that was so lovely, the air the loveliest breeze and temperature, I could feel the love all around me, intensely. It was vibrating all around me, on me and inside me. This is a feeling I want to keep!

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Comment by Rebecca on August 9, 2013 at 11:55pm

I can so relate to that. I am trying real hard to let go. Some moments are easier than others. I really want to be able to walk away but for some reason I feel like I'm being pulled back. But pulled back to WHAT??? Somewhere that I am not treated right? Somewhere that I have to watch what I say and do for fear of back lash? Somewhere that I always feel like I am an inconvenience? NO! I do not want to go back there. So here I am spilling my heart on day 2 of my new journey.

Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Comment by Steffie Kay on August 9, 2013 at 11:11pm

BEAUTIFUL!!! and Bella's comment BEAUTIFUL!!! yes you are so right...its simple and pure and true and you GOT IT....I am always suprised how it happens sometimes, a jump..a switch, a heart opening experience...its hard to put in words..but I think you captured it...thank you so much for sharing..makes me feel AGAIN that we are so much the same in this experience of growth!!!!! XOXOXO MUAH!!!

Comment by Thx 4 ur support in my journies! on August 9, 2013 at 7:07pm

I so love this sentence of yours: "Well what I see I now understand is really ME. "  And this one is so giving: 

"The more I love and appreciate ME, the more I see what pleases me. Is it really so simple." It is really that simple, we just have this weired thing of being caught up in our minds, too many what nots - or just simply NUTZ. IT feels so good to be aware of those things. Imagine living without this awarness?... I feel so lucky and so blessed to be a part of such a community! It is so giving. Thank you for posting your blog. May the things that pleases you multiply in manifestation.

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