The 100 Day Reality Challenge

do happen some time!
Sometimes the stars line up. My two kitties Fatty and Maynard are hairball free. Tim came and groomed them for me.
I fed him Pasta. It was late on Thurs, but I had written buisness earlier in the day. That helped my mood:) I have to keep my "abundance abounds" switch turned on! It's not easy when I'm tired! But I've gotten some sleep, and I plan to get some more tonight. T's in the studio, mixing music.

OK..time for Yoga! and catching up on other co-creators

Later Folks


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Comment by Cocreative on March 1, 2009 at 2:55am
This is a gorgeous kitty, Robin, and I love how he/she blends with the pattern of the chair.

Beautiful photo.

Best to you.


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