The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Since Alex is away since Thursday I am spending some days alone. I should eat well, it s quite difficult to resist to temptations not having anyone to check on me! :p

The intention of today was to practice more than reading. I have done an excellent meditation on the archangel Micheal in the moring. Much more valuable than pages of books on how I created my cancer! Today I felt it is enough of wondering on the reasons, it s time to just allow the light to operate as much as possible :p 

In the afternoon I was in a bookshop and in the creativity section I have seen a book with lessons to learn the basics of drawing. Many people suggest to develop a creativity side..I bought the book.. I ll give it a try now that I have more time for me. It s a relaxing and entertaining activity..I have also seen a book to teach you how to fold the napkins in many different ways..for next time :p

These few days alone reminded me the days I was single :p and I was trying to entertain me with alternative many things changed in these two years outside but I still have the same need to make the best of my time, and to develop in some direction. With Alex and work this need did not have the time to come out. In any case, I feel I am very happy to have Alex in my life he brought me more peace, and much more love. 

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