The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Trusting the process...may be the name of the game! So first a silly story:  I have had two sessions of EMDR which is a therapy that is good for PTSD because it can make the feelings that come back less intense so they do not effect your life. It is good for erasing bad memories.  I am pretty in tune, I can FEEL things ALOT and  when I had this therapy done  ( just two sessions in the last three days...a lot of the system)  it released lots of stuff, some just below consciousness that I wished to let go of, but I couldn't for as long as I could have remembered.  After the first session I came home, took a hot bath and took a nap. After the second one yesterday I felt like I had a bowling ball in my stomach. I called in sick today for work because I feel like I ate something or I caught a flu bug.  I am kinca of excited because I feel that my body released so much I was holding on stomach can't process it all.  I am taking some medicine a friend suggested I take,,,,,it is so weird!! Charcoal??? I took a pill and it helped a lot. I am waiting for a call back form my Doctor to run this whole thing by her.  

I have been wanting to  do this for a long time but I kept putting it off. So I feel positive, feel brave and accomplished. The therapist told me to treat myself as if I was a little sick, and I have been doing that. Taking it very very easy.  So I like that! and next week I go on a mini that will be nice too. Its not a perfect time with work and all...But when is it?  I am hoping I could stretch this till the end of the week because I feel my body could use the integration time.

another cool thing I have done is read the Alchemist. I have been meaning to finish this book for YEARS!!!!! But because it is sweet and easy it has been something I have always put down for " later". I am not done yet. Prolly today.

As for recent manifestations: Time to hang out at the beach with love, hanging out with fun new exciting people, a fun new coffe shop with like minded people, whee where I turn people are talking about law of attraction,  I found/ I was shown a cool reggae concert that happens every sunday right down the way from my new house, We were given super super good tamales, cherries and veggies!, I am knowing my self better, collecting all the pices of myself and revitalizing me, re organizing me in the best possible way for the most awesome outcome, created by my own hand and the universe,  I got to wash and dry my clothes for free at mom's house!! me and mom are getting along better, old stale useless stuff is floating out of my life easily, mooney, trust,gifts are all floating in easily as well. I feel the grid filling in!!! I feel the grid, I see the grid, and I know it is filling in!!!


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Comment by Kevin on May 6, 2015 at 2:25pm

yes!!!! congrats steffie! - on all of your changes and accomplishments, good for you! I see it all is going so well for you!!

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