The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 19 Season 8 - You HAVE to Believe so YOU don't get in the Way

As i just typed Day 19, i had stored on my computer from season 7 Day 19 - beautiful Snowy day....what a difference 100 days makes lol :-)

Any way going off subject so early....

I am back from Ghana and i had an amazing time, too many great experiences, differences and similarities to write in a blog post so before i went i actually decided to write about it in a different format (more info coming soon).

The greatest thing was experiencing, actually living one of my biggest intentions / dreams / goals in really drove home to me that everything really is possible.
One thing that stood out in my mind is the beach of Ghana that i had on my vision board, as i was strolling down the beach taking a picture when i looked back at it in play back mode, i realized that it was the same image as the one on my vision board.
I dont know if it was the same beach and i hadnt set my mind on going to a specific beach but that filled me with joy & appreciation again.

I was able to read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons (which i wanted 2 read before i saw the film) liked that book and i was able to read lot of the eBooks that i had to read (everything happens in great time) i listened to Abe Hicks, watched and listenend to Louise Hay. I meditated every day to music, silence or Wayne Dyer's meditation.

I did not eat a lot which was a good thing because i was able to give my digestive system a break, in 10 days i think i had i piece of chicken - no meat other than that. A lot of fruit , water, some cream and what i call fizzy drinks ..pop or soda to some lol. As a result i lost some weight prob about 3-4 pounds...i walked alot too.

It feels great and foot in the right direction to achieving my perfect weight intention.

Everything is there for us, we just have to believe it so we don't get in the way of our own blessings / Manifestations.

(Side note manifestation: I manifested a new phone - The T Mobile G1 - I set the intention that i wanted either that or a blackberry whichever one was best for me without going on a contract or spending £200+ on it. Long story short i got it for my birthday :-) waiting for me when i got back. As a gift..that i never expressed i wanted as a gift...what nice brothers i have ...i knew being a younger sister would come in handy one of these days lol :-)

P.S It was my intention to video blog this but when i came back off the plane, my mouth was swollen lol not the beast look..everything is fine but i'll have 2 delay the vblog until next week.

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