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First of all, happy easter to everybody who's reading this! :) I hope you have a lovely day.

Other than that, my first song is almost completely written... I want to meditate a bit in a moment, as I felt kinda bad for post-poning another "task" that needed to be done, because the deadline is on Tuesday, and the task related to this is focusing on negative things that have happened (It is necessary to do this, unfortunately. :\) and I am scared of feeling overwhelmed by this very task. So I think, maybe some meditation could help stay focused and not lose my mind over something that is so, I don't know, scary?

Anyways... Working on that song helped me a great deal. :) It makes me happy to make music, and even though I know I should focus on so many things more (And I do, at least partly.), it's still the mot important thing in my life! :)

Lots of love from Germany and may you have a lovely day,


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Comment by Stacey P. on April 23, 2017 at 3:40pm

Hello, from the USA. I hope you share you song.


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