The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I heard some words that speak to exactly how I feel about my purpose on earth....I chose to serve by adding value ... that value has worth ....and the nature of that value is returned to me. I so love this has always been my driving force. I just did not have language this concise before. It is in alignment with my favorite two words also, Entrepreneurship and Reciprocity!

It can also be translated to something as simple as a smile.

I was telling a friend of mine about it and how you could apply it to a sales call. If I were sitting in a sales call and the person said "So okay Joe, what do you do, what have you got, so what are you here to sell me?" I would say Well Bill, You should know that what I do is add value to you and your organization and I am here today to show you how it will increase your or your organisations worth and how you will see a return come back to you.

Feel free to use it. It works for everything.

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