The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Good morning What a blessed day. I'm sitting here at work and using time to soak up some law of attraction videos, tony robbins and anyone that has some good to say about how to improve and attract a great life and  I mean I have alot to be grateful for. I know my Lord and Savior! I have great health! I can see and hear and feel and smell! I can taste food (man how you miss that when your sick) I have children I can kiss and hug everyday, that make me laugh and make me proud and are respectful young people. I am learning more about myself and I am improving myself.

There is so much to learn and improve and so easy to do  thanks to youtube and the internet in general. I also manifested getting my car fixed, I wanted it fixed but I let it go and continued taking the bus and was comfortable doing so. I can read on the bus and relax, listen to meditation music if I chose or even the Word. But it was in my head that I wanted my car fixed so a couple days ago we decided to drop it off at the mechanic, we actually had to push it from where it was to the mechanic, and i asked him to look at it and we talked what it could be and the numbers. well he gave me a great price and said it would be done today!! I am so grateful, i love my car. So 100 days.. I'm ready! lets go! its 100 days of gratitude, of improving, of abundance, of great news, of mercy and grace, of broken negative habits and new positive habits. 

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