The 100 Day Reality Challenge

My intention for today was to be energised and efficient in my work and to feel in flow.

I also set myself the task of recording the first lesson for the first module of my new digital program and while I did do that I'm not happy with the quality of the recording so I have purchased screenflow and will now need to re-record it.

This opened up a can of worms because my macbook air now has screenflow installed however I don't have powerpoint on it so I can't open my powerpoint into full screen and click between slides!! It comes up in preview so no good.

Soooo I installed (tried to) screenflow on my imac only to find out the operating software is too old to run it!!

I've spent the last hour trying to sort that out and finally think I have the right update, it will now take an hour to download!!!

So I'm calling it a day on that! I'll let it download and install and get screenflow set up but no more recording today, my brain is fried and good energy is needed in the recording.

I've hit the wall a bit!

Its after 3pm here and I'm up at 5am usually but found it hard to get to sleep last night and was awake way before the alarm and it's finally hit me.

My day isn't over yet though!

Tonight I teach classes at my Taekwondo School,we have student grading on the weekend so this week is practice gradings all week. I love Grading Week so its a lot of fun right now, more than usual :-)

I hit the gym early today and trained for an hour and felt great.

I'm feeling strong and focused and really enjoying my training.

My nutrition has been great, I've cleaned it up a lot, being with Dave is a juggling act because we love good food and wine a little too much!

My deal with myself is to eat as close to 100% clean during the week (no wine!) and allow myself more freedom on the weekends. I won't be going crazy on the weekends and if we eat at home it will be healthy but I'll allow myself a couple of glasses of wine.

Even when I eat out I usually go for the healthy options so its really just minor adjustments.

I have HUGE motivation right now.

My friend Wendy and I are heading to Thailand in July to go train at Tiger Muay Thai for a week.

I trained there in Dec last year and it was amazing, I knew then I wanted to come back with Wendy because training together in that environment will be so cool.

My fitness is good now but I want to step it up and add some extra Muay Thai classes to my regular training to make sure my conditioning is excellent when I head over there.

Its actually not too far away, we are already a week away from April!

Wrap Up....

I can definitely feel the momentum building and my focus coming back, despite the setbacks today I still feel on track for having the first part of my program recorded by the end of the week.

Until tomorrow...have a good one!

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