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Hi All,

Well yesterday went well. I managed to get the carpeting removed from my second bedroom so I can start painting the trim. Have cleared out the 3rd bedroom into the 2nd bedroom so I can start painting today and hopefully get it finished by tomorrow. 5 Bags of items have gone to a local charity. A full carload ready to go to the tip to get it out of the house, planned on taking it this morning but it is pouring rain outside. Carpeting being shipped next week. Put out to the Universe to bring me a handy man to lay the ceramic floor in my bathroom and to bring me someone to lay the wooden floor in the livingroom. Went to B&Q and the man there was kind enough to cut the piece of wood I needed even though they are not supposed to, I was thrilled to bits at my manifestation and so very grateful for his kindness. So far so good, we shall see how much I get accomplished today. Have a great day. Namaste Carol x

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