The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Yesterday - on day 2 - I let some bad news interrupt my day, kill off my plans. I didn't think it would affect me that much, b/c I figure the universe will know what it's doing and it's all for the best in the long run. (Later on I had an insight as to what is going on)

I listened to some of my fave music and felt okay. Had the most amazing creative inspiration for some scenes that I like very much. This went on for hours and left me drained --- I had forgotten to eat again, not good. The night wasn't all it could've been, either. I really do want to change my nights as that's when we are closest to source. Instead of passing out and sleeping badly, I want to establish a sort of ritual -- where I do the sponge-exercise or the floating bed and, as Abraham puts it, "bask". To fall asleep happy.

So I asked myself: why does it seem as if crap always happens when I try to start with a challenge?

Then it hit me: It's like with Rob and the devastating news that his newly repaired car is dead. He had just spent a few hundred $ on a repair assuming that would take care of things. Living without a car was not an option, but he didn't have the money. On his vision board he already had a picture of the car he wanted. Long story short - he got exactly the car he had wanted! This happend very early on in his challenge.

There's this saying: out with the old, in with the new. It's like giving birth -- painful for a bit and scary. Perhaps it's simply a signal that tells me: Change is on the way!

I'm thinking about my intentions and here are a few thoughts:

This time around, I will do the full 100 days even if I might have some off-days. Nobody's perfect. Try not to pressure myself.

Listen to my intuitions and work on honing my intuitive skills which are really quite good.

Repair my bike;) I should have all the necessary parts and tools now and will figure out how to repair it this weekend. I love riding my bike and now is the best time to do that!

Make a list of things that I truly enjoy, that give me pleasure. Sometimes it seems like I've forgotten a lot of them.

I need more music in my life! A couple of weeks ago I came across a street fair and the live band was awesome! Music makes me feel very alive and connected to source.

Think big again! Free the mind, think of a truly great life and what would be in that life.

Create a new vision board - and this time around, put yourself in it! And make it in the placemat-fashion, including the here's what I'm going do to section.

Work on sleep, try out Rob's sponge-method.

Get a handle on nourishment. Forgetting to eat until late at night, binging on other days as if cake and chocolate were going out of style -- what's that all about? (Okay, I know the answer to that question, so it's rhetorical. And all the more idiotic. Just a reminder. Oh my) Dust off the juicer, buy some protein powder and get back into the good habit! You know exactly what to do, so.... Buy your favorite water! Tons of Evian and limes!

Exercise. Another old habit that went out the window for no good reason. Where did my cute biceps go? My perfect waiste and flat stomach I used to be so proud of? Designate work-out area, set up bench and weights and other equipment, so there's no obstacle to jumping right into the good deed.

Get rid of all the stuff that I don't want, don't need, or that doesn't give me a happy feeling. Definitely get rid of stuff that makes me feel bad when I look at it. Why do I keep this around? Make space for things I love! New and exciting stuff! ;)

What if...

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