The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Good Evening, Cocreators!

Had a great day, but unfortunately did not get a chance earlier to write about it. As such, this will be very short, but hopefully sweet!

Mitzy Bird and I spent most of the day on the porch while I started an application for a local non-profit position. The job looks great, and I believe it will be a great way to make connections. The position seriously looked too good to be true, but with a little research I found that it is a real opportunity.

I've been thinking that I might assess my success from last season, but now I think it may not be necessary, or even healthy. I want to stop thinking of life in success and failures, at least for now. It's just not fair to put such ridiculous pressure on myself. I'll elaborate more on that tomorrow.

Until then, my friends, Love and Light!


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