The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 2 Season 4 - Hectic but good.

Well 4 days now no booze.  I haven't slept properly since I gave up, I managed to get 1 hour last night!!  That's just not good right?  

I ran around all day today trying to get money together to pay for essential things as we are so broke right now, money still comes fairly easily it just goes so fast lol... MY car is broken but is becoming fixed in vibrational escrow and all is lining up!

I was so tired all day but I soldiered on till 9pm and managed to get 3 hours sleep! When I woke I had the feeling I might be up for a while.  Earlier, instead of going to my docs, I asked my friend for a few Diazepam or Valium which I took about 12:30am, about 9mg.  It's been really chill I've been listening to Eva Casidy, John Lennon and Toni Braxton feeling really chill, not thinking about drinking.  I'm gonna hit the hay again in a bit but it's now 3:10am and I'm feeling more relaxed than I have for a while - My healing group session usually makes me feel quite similar lol.  Talking of healing I may have Reiki tomorrow at 7:30 I've been wanting to go to my 'first' class for ages!







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