The 100 Day Reality Challenge

DAY 2 SEASON 4 - Outer world reflection

Co-creators, I have been on an intense inner journey for the past year. I now feel like everything in my outer world is finally starting to reflect that. Things are changing around me.

My priority remains on continuing to clean up my inner mess, transcend limiting beleifs, choose love over fear, raise my vibration and cultivate unconditional love and acceptance.

But as I keep this as my intention, the world around me shifts to reflect that.

Today I felt at peace. I felt at ease and relaxed. I felt light hearted and happy. As a result my outer world experiences felt effortless. Problems were easily resolved. People were cooperative. Answers came quickly and everything seemed to flow.

It feels good to live from this place. I love seeing the connection between my inner state and my outer world. I love seeing how beautifully my thoughts and emotions are reflected around me in my experiences.

I love that as I do the work to change ME, my world changes.

It is a beautiful and exciting time. I feel opportunities coming my way. I have a new energy to take action. I feel drawn to go out in to the world and meet new people.

Today I joined up to a new gym. It has yoga on everyday and lots of great cardio classes. It is my intention to make it to at least one yoga class a week (preferably 2) and at least 2 cardio classes or cardio sessions per week (preferably 3).

I went for a long run tonight along the river and through the park. It then began to rain. It was beautiful. I came home and had a big bowl of steamed veggies for dinner. I love nourishing my body.

I hope you are all having a wonderful journey.

I will see you all tomorrow. Good night xxx

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Comment by Alyssa on April 7, 2010 at 11:56am
Connie - that's a real testimony of the power of our minds... what an inspiring place to be in. Making the huge shift where we really start to have momentum going in the right direction. I hope you enjoy to the fullest the gym and all the other new opportunities coming your way!

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