The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I actually don't remember how many seasons I've done. No matter..this is day two of a new season.

My intention is to get clearer on my intentions! haha..

We have taken custody of my 3 year old grandson so we are in a learning curve for sure. Its been a while since I've done car seats and pull ups and slimy snails and puppy dog tails. I'm learning again though. Thank GOD I'm young enough to handle this. Otherwise I think this would be one very exhausting endeavor. Its tiring enough as it is.

So of course with all of this going on it is obvious that my intentions are to create a life around this little one that works for both him and me/us. One nice part is that when I was raising kids our money was ohhh so tight. Now we are a little older and a little wiser (I hope) so money is not such an issue. We can kind of enjoy him more than I did raising my own because I'm not preoccupied with all of the bills and stretching money.

I would like to work on envisioning a life with him as part of our lives but not absolutely dominating it. Perhaps work on specific times we can go out, have a sitter or go away. I would like to envision the year ahead actually...questions beg for answers such as how many vacations? I'm a little vacation shy at the moment but perhaps I'll attempt another one this year. Other questions,...who's going on this vacation?

The house of course has had to be rearranged to make a room for Jonathan. We are working diligently to get everything pared down and simplified. I want organization and for it to run like a well oiled machine.

I have been thinking a lot lately about turning the yard into a bit of a fantasy yard..nothing to over the top. Just some touches here and there and I think I would like to add things that make it an Alice in Wonderland yard. So that is one of my focuses. I really really want a pool also. According to how i do financially this year that might be on the agenda. I am looking for a span of time where I can get these things organized into somewhat of a list of things I want to focus on and accomplish in this challenge. Just getting some of my thoughts here for now works though. Its a start!

Maybe tonight I can sit down and organize whats important to me. This will bring me to a little into March which is perfect timing for the yard and the pool. Now that i think of it though if its going to be an above ground pool I should prob. buy it now for rock bottom prices. We'll see!!!

I'm at an open house at the moment so I'm going to end this hear and go surf around the Alice in Wonderland theme and see what sparks my interest ;o)


Be well!!!!


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Comment by Carrie on December 6, 2012 at 10:33am

Thanks Friend!!!

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