The 100 Day Reality Challenge

A bit of a setback with my child so I'm at 2 different appointments today with about 2.5hrs driving required in between the two so not the day I had planned but I'm just going to roll with it!

I hit the gym first thing this morning and then miracle of miracles the Telstra (phone company) team arrived 1hr early!! Unheard of!!

I was at the gym when they called so they pretty much did what they could from the outside of my home then when I got home finished up in about 10 minutes. Much better than the "between 10am and 2pm) approximation they gave me.

This morning I spent lots of time on the phone sorting out bits and pieces and feel on top of things now.

I also figured I wasn't going to get much work done with these appointments so I tackled the build up of filing in my office - this has been bugging me for WEEKS!! Now it's all done and I feel like there is some great energy back in my beautiful office space.

Yesterday afternoon I got some great clarity on where I'm heading business wise, cut off some things I felt I "had" to do and know I'm building the future of this business based on what I want to be doing NOW which is not the same as what I wanted to be doing (rather HOW I'm doing it rather than the WHAT) so I'm feeling really excited about the direction things are taking.

Its a much more simplified version with a truckload less work and reduced stress...bring that on!!

I'm feeling very grateful for many things I have in my life, my kids, my home, my friends, my man and pretty much my life as a whole. This is a tough time but I feel it drawing us all closer together and reminding us all of how much we love each other, we are re-connecting as we have probably needed to for a while now. Teens are so independent and have lives of their own but now the kids really seem to want to plug back in and be together and it's really cool.

Better fly, first doctors appointment not too far away.

I hope you are all doing great and manifesting good things in your lives.

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