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Hey Juicy Co-Creators :P Had to give an image to Lilou there. I discovered her way back when Youtube was just beginning in 2009 and I'm still writing on here. Wow! I guess you could say I'm dedicated...

I've always struggled with my body image. I would think I'm too chubby or my eyes are too puffy or my face isn't symmetrical. Like most girls, it's always been hard to love myself. It's funny though, over the past week I put on weight on purpose. I wanted to do it because I was tired of restricting my calories and was also tired of being tired (from not eating enough food...) I used to associate being chubby with being unattractive or ugly, but now I see it as being healthy.

I lose and gain weight really quickly and if I wanted to, I could get back to a size 4 in a matter of weeks...but I don't want to. When I look at myself in the mirror and see my chubby tummy, I just think how grateful I am to be able to keep weight on myself.

It was only about a year ago that I was losing weight at a dangerous rate due to a viral infection. I was so scared that I would never be healthy again and now I feel lucky to be able to have fat on my body. Who would have thought that me — the master of hating my body would actually "like" the fact that I have fat on me...It's not that I think I look good necessarily, I just have a different way of looking at my body. Instead of "skinny vs fat" I see "unhealthy vs. healthy". 

I was shown what "unhealthy" looks like and I'm telling you right now...even though I was skinny...I did not feel good. And now that I'm able to keep a healthy weight, I'm just so happy :) I'm so grateful to have learned this lesson at this age (26) and will never take advantage of my health again.

So enough with the stories. Onto what I manifested today!

My friend told me about yoga (and no I don't live under a rock), I knew what yoga was, and I've tried it a bunch of just never stuck. But she was telling me how it helps clear her mind and it's not just a workout, it's good for the mind and spirit as well. So I did an at home yoga video today and I'm serious, I felt so calm afterwards. After not exercising for so long due to my illness, yoga seems to be the perfect thing for me. 

My plan for the next few weeks is to do some sort of either yoga or light cardio everyday. I'm doing a class on monday, but if I'm not doing a class then I'll just do something at home. I think it will really help me get out of this rut and help heal my broken spirit :) 

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have many sunny days to come :)

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