The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 2 began today with myself starting work at 4am, then being shuffled around the factory as usual into different jobs in the space of 20 minutes.

eventually i got put on a job i have never done throughout the time being there, i was shoved on it with no other option....but in the end little did i realise how easy the job was!

simple...just keep the factory area clean. a negative on that part however was the constant lifting which in end gave me a sore back and that much walking, screwed me up and i am dead tired right now!!

tomorrow is a great day for car rego day!

unfortunately i was relying on tax time to get the funds for it but am yet to be able to do my tax return for this year so will have to resort to a new way to get it paid!

puts a bad spot on my cruise situation but i have 100 days, and almost at exactly day 100, the holiday should be paid off!!

but for now, it is eat, shower then bed.........a week off work screwed up my body clock and in order for it to get back to normal is to do an all nighter one night, go to work, then sleep the afternoon...wake up for work, and back in order!!

the overtime though is the part that annoys me!, they always have it on when its my turn start early, making me having to start even earlier in the morning hence the 4am start!!

also apologies to those who can cleary see the poor grammar and get annoyed with it but for me, i honestly dont care as this is my blog and i am not writing a thesis for university, i am doing this for fun! thinking has no part in this for me :P

anyway, see you all tomorrow

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