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I am sitting here in Oslo, Norway with my computer in front of me, and my dictionary beside me. Its not that I dont know how to speek or write English, but I need to practise.
Yesterday when I signed up for this program, I desided that I realy want to put the low of attraction to the test. Not only the low, but myself to. Myself and my thougths.... I AM THE MASTER OF MY THOUGTHS....Is;nt that nice to know.....
Before I saw the Secret, I dident take much responsebilety for my life, or my thoughts. I would rather blame the world, my friends or anyone else but me.... After watching the Secret I feel like I have come to know so much more, but it is like I`m not taking full advantage of it.
The past 3 months have been hard, and I have desided to changce it NOW!!!

I live in an very expensive appertment, and my job is good payed, but after becoming a singel mom, life has been harder for me. I work in a kindergarden, and as an psychic and clairvoyance as an part time job. I have so many wonderful things to be happy for in my life, but I feel empty inside..

I want to travel. And when I think of myself, and my future I see The USA, And I see Sedona. And when I see that, I feel good.
So here I am, in Norway, and the only thing I know, is that I am going the USA, and to Sedona next year. I am gonne do this!!! I know I can!!! Yes - I can!!!
I dont know how long I will be able to stay, but hopefuly for awhile...At least 3 months. I ll figure it out soon enough.

So I am going to the USA. And what do I need to get there?

Well, first of all I need mony. So yesterday I gave my housekeeper an 3 months notice, and by the end of Juni I have to move out of my appertment. I have spookend to some of my friends and we are going to rent an appartment together for the next year, so I can save mony for my tour. I was I big step for me to take.
So now I have given myself an possibility to make my dream come true.

But most of all I want to get to know some good, loving american people with the same intrest as me. Not just in the Sedona aria, but all over the USA.
And I think this side with help me with that....

That is my goald for today!!!! GET TO KNOW NEW PEOPLE!!!!!

I am sending you all my love for this day, make some good choise for yourselv everyone!!!
I will update my profile soon, I promise.

Pleace have my spelling and and pronunciation exused. It will get better soon....

Love, Lillann

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Comment by Anna on April 3, 2009 at 1:56am
I also want to go to America but I am hoping to go next year for the camp America tour. Your English is great, I wish I knew another language as well as you do :)
Comment by Richard Michaud on April 2, 2009 at 9:27am
Thank you for the Love-And the "heads Up" for making the best choices for myself. In America we say "heads Up" when we mean to say "look out"; watch for something" or "be aware"...I think it comes from the game of Baseball. When the ball is hit into the air the players say "heads up" because the ball is coming down...I hope you don't mind that I made a little lesson with that. Maybe you already know this phrase.."Thanks for the heads Up"
It is a nice start to my day to make a friend.
Rich from Boston


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