The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 20-23 : Super Abundance Door Swings Open & Body Has Wee Reaction To Change - Season 5

So, it feels ages since I posted but just have been so busy or not able to write much. What has happened the past 3 days?

Well, first I had some strange stomach wobble one day and I had to lie down a lot, I had one day off from meditation but managed to do Brad Yates 'I feel yucky EFT'. I managed to write on the sofa my novel and so I am well ahead on my nanowrimo challenge. The challenge was to write a 50,000 word novel in 1 month, and well... I want mine longer that that and I am around 400 off 50,000 already go me!

I have had some phenomenal blessings come through my door this month, this week has been truly phenomenal. I light heartedly at the beginning of the month said "I would love to win some wine" as it had been some time since I last won some and well...

I won 3 bottles on twitter.

I then won a case of expensive Merlot on Facebook

and a couple of days ago won another case of mixed wine on another Facebook page.

Moving on from wine, as some of you know my intention for this challenge is to continue to open my abundance door. And well, after winning a lovely dress, boots, a clock, wine, a watch, candles, a voucher for lingerie, a scarf I then won a £500 fashion prize and the day after a £100 surprise goody bag from Pretty Polly.

I get a reaction coming up about sharing this here, it is the part of me that has still a few issues around being abundant (guilt fear etc etc) and also know my own jealousy issues and how  many people experience this too. BUT as this is CCOR I feel it is okay to share here.


Writing the numbers down in money brought up a reaction too but I need to tap on this and let myself feel this so I believe anything is now possible for me.

And to finalise my lovely week I had been sitting on my sofa a week ago thinking I would love some flowers, I had not had any flowers in my home for years, pretty bouquet wise, and then I got an email saying I had won a bouquet of flowers.

So as a celebration of writing my novel I am having them delivered at the end of the month as a big pat on the back for sticking to my challenge, being self-disciplined and more.

So that is the past few days/month. I have changed my exercise intentions as I feel I had been too strict on myself and this was bringing up resistance, so long as I power walk three times a week and do a bit of dancing that feels manageable for me.

Spanish dare I say, has not happened, I have just not felt inspired to listen to it or learn it. 

And today has been a big comping day as it is freebie friday on social networks. I had a bit of a low point, probably because this week has been very exciting and we cannot fly high all the time energy wise so I did some EFT from Brad Yates. He has a new one called "Arguing for limitations."

As I tapped I had an aha moment on the letting in of money. I am so obviously now letting abundance in, this is wonderful as I resisted and blocked it in past, but I realise I kept saying to people and myself "okay time to let money in then!" but behind the words was doubt and fear and resistance. So I realised I had been arguing for my limitations by saying one thing and feeling another. So I am letting money in now, allowing it in to my life, I am letting myself say the words MONEY and CASH to get used to the words, I am experimenting with different figures to see how my solar plexus feels and just practising loosening the resistance.

So there you go CO-CREATORS, EFT, abundance meditation is very supportive and helpful,

Hugs to all x

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Comment by Kelly Martin on November 24, 2012 at 3:49pm

Thanks lovelies, its good to feel able to share and to experience loving receptivity to this abundance.

Comment by Kevin on November 23, 2012 at 11:50pm

great to see all of this come to 'fruition' for you, wine pun potential , this very much strongly reminds me of this, I will practise some this weekend and see what can be conjured too. thank you for sharing!

Comment by Sophie COLAS on November 23, 2012 at 5:26pm
Congratulations for your novel and your prizes.
Comment by Raizel on November 23, 2012 at 3:09pm

First of all I'm so glad you're feeling better! That's wonderful that you've manifested winning all those prizes (specially the wine, yum)! Don't feel guilty, you deserve it!

Comment by Kelly Martin on November 23, 2012 at 2:53pm

Thanks Jasmine I was nervous to post it but I am learning to release guilt and resistance to being abundant and recognising not only is it okay but it is my birthright (and everyones!)

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