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Wow spending time with my sister and my brother in law has been an amazing learning for me. I can see mysefl in them when I see them push and push and push. This is something I am working at letting go so that I can allow more flow. They are both very good at allowing the flow of financial abundance, something I am working on, however in other areas they are still pushing and forcing. So I learn from them in many ways. One amazing thing that came to me was while having a conversaiton with my brother in law. He spoke about compomise with his new girlfriend(my sister and him are divorced) I said that my partner and I were working on not compromising at all. We have been working on allowing eachother to do what eachother wants to do whenever they want to and then spending time together because we want to spend time together. It has been an adjustment but it really has worked well. He was flabergasted. I realized that our experimentation with the allowing eachother to be who we wanted to be, explore how we wanted to explore, do what ever we wanted has actually brought us much much closer together. He said " well how do you do things together without compromise". I replied that we do lots of things together and we both come to the togetherness of the activity because we want to. We also allow eachother to do and be who they want and that freedom we give eachother makes our relationship stronger. I told him that this was the opportunity to try a new way of having a relationship and that I have tested this way and it really works well.  I felt so proud for discovering this in my life with my partner and knowing that we were strong and loving and have now been married for 18 years!

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Comment by Steffie Kay on August 21, 2013 at 10:32am

We are always learning and growing!! Nice to see that you can learn so much and also show others new things!! OXOXO have a great day!

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