The 100 Day Reality Challenge


Sunday woke up late and was taking care of a Brazilian student so I had less time for myself.

Anyway today I caught up. My intentions for today looking for work focus on angels. start meditation.

My affirmations for today 

I am lucky

Everyday in every way I get better,healthier, happier, luckier, sexier, wealthier, more loving and more loving and My body gets stronger

My rent is paid in full and I am now completely free of debts

I have fun and I am fun

I am a lovely life love partner and I have a lovelife partner 

I have 2 happy dobermans and 2 happy pomeranians who are happy and who I breed. Everybody gets on with one another and we walk on the beach every day

I paint and write regularly and Iam happy when I do

I own 2 houses in the south of France close to the beach

I am happy and my life love partner is happy with me. we live teh perfect relationships. We understand each other  and we are connecting on every level

I have a bright new 4X4 that I drive well and easily

I make money from my EFT online and I travel to do workshops about it

My writing and painting sell well  and I gain in popularity

I do sell my candles and soap 

I do record and sell my mediation online

I sell my script for a good amount of money

I find an excellent salesman-woman who does my promotion for me

I sell my EFT cards (3 decks)

I am a good friend and a good family member and I have good friends and good family members

I communicate with angels  and angels communicate with me easily

I serve people everyday 

I like to the luxury life style sometime and I treat myself to luxury when I want to

I think more and more clearly. I reach my goals

I am grateful for all my goods



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