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This morning I went to visit Julieta, who was my Pilates instructor all through my pregnancy and separation (my husband left me when I was 5 months pregnant with our daughter) almost 8 years ago. Today she has her own studio and has gone through a deep transformation and awakening as well. We talked for over two hours and have chosen to collaborate together this year, starting next week, in which she'll do some reiki sessions to clean up my energy in exchange for a rune reading. IT's really great to start opening up new doors with people I've had such a strong connection.

I spent the afternoon writing up some ideas, sending the radio station new music for my show, and designing a flyer to post at my friend's pilates studio.

Then in the evening, the only ex boyfriend I've kept a relationship with (we've been friends for over two years after we broke up) and I had a long phone conversation. He wanted to know how my summer was going and ended up talking about very profound stuff. Somehow last week I felt I embraced the young version of me who felt inadequate for the first time with her body, and then this phone conversation put in order a couple of episodes related to my body image that belong to my last romantic relationship.

All in all, I have no idea of how this is working, but I can sense the connection between events, thoughts and conversations, leading me to harmony with my body and my financial situation.

Dancing with whatever life brings is turning out to be a really exciting adventure!!

Thank you for reading and being part of my path. Lots of hugs to you and soft blankets of support on your challenge!

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