The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am continuing my challange from where I left it, after a couple of months. It s my first challange I hope the following will be better, but instead of quitting and restart I try to continue :p no matter how long it will take me to arrive to day 100. I am the master of starting many things and living them half way trough but I accept and love myself the way I am!

I am back today in my beautiful luminous apartment, my sister had a baby, lovely little chicken and I have spent some days to meet him :)! I had some sad thoughts in these days, knowing that for the time being, I cannot have this experience. Than I don t know from where I realized that I don t need it, it s nice, I still hope once I will be able to have a baby but I cannot focus on the negative sides and spend my energy in cucltivating this unfruitful thoughts.

I ve been given a gift of time, i have a good loving couple, I have many ideas and many interests, we would travel more, we have money enough, we have good health, a good mind, some envies and the means to fullfill them :p So let s do it..

In these periods I have started knitting, I am going more deep in the study of the tarots, we are planning some nice holidays, we have moved in the new flat, we have done a competition, decided to move abroad, i am learning to cook new dishes, started mindfulness and EFT, subscribe to a distance course in energy renewable energy. I have more love and more peace of mind.

My objective for the continuation of the challange is to have constance to do everyday my meditation and EFT (on accepting my situation), some blogging with the progresses and at least one nice creative and fullfilling activity.

To fill me with light :)


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Comment by Sunny Side Up on March 31, 2016 at 11:17pm

Welcome back! Your goals sound perfect and it sounds like you are making progress on accepting and loving yourself. Sending love and light to you!

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