The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 23 Season 1 - Non-judgement and being kind to myself

Hi all Co-creators,

I haven't been focusing on the "100 day reality challenge" these last few days... :-/ Going throught the process I haven't been able to manage meditation everyday and lost focus on what I was supposed to do for my manifestations. I was starting to feel guilty and my energy was low... I decided to stop judging myself or "beating" myself up for it. It supposed to be fun and not hard work!

So I just went with the flow... Lately I realised that there was stuff that needed to get clean up first in the energetic field. I was still attached to some unhealthy relationships that were draining me. So I went to a process of detaching myself from them. More I was doing so, the emptiness started to emerge but as I stayed still and allowed it to be, I discovered a new path of self-love.

Loving myself, being one with my inner being... :-) Unconditionnal Love. What a journey!

Everyday I'm grateful to the Universe for its abundance of love, compassion and the beauty of life.

Much Love to you all xxxx

Beautiful Mantra of Compassion

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