The 100 Day Reality Challenge

What cool day! I am all packed and ready for our trip to the moutains...I manifested some cool coustumes for us to wear at our 1920 party,, I found some beautiful tarot type cards new little gift to myself by Doreen virture,,,I have her goddess cards and today I bought the ascended masters cards...seem cool, bought some other spiritual gifts for my self today...and I got my mani/pedi brows and lip I am looking fly for the party :) Also....I applied to three new jobs tonight for community director kinda work in the bay SF and Oakland... feel good to consider something new and refreshing...I felt myself getting irritated with my other half this evening and was able to see...its me who has left me, if I stay with myself I seem to be more compassionate with others around me...good lesson. I gotta come first, doesn't go well. I am learning this. Tonight was a big step....its so nice to completely avoid drama!! Instead of complaining about the world, no matter how offensive, I can look at myself and remind myself of my awesome value beauty just being me...hello!! The seagulls are calling out...even late like this. Good night my co creators. Love you guys!!! XOXOX  together we can do anything!!

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