The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Quite a nice day today. Weather hasn't been too bad where I live. I went to Salts Mill, which has a sort of bookshop on the second floor where I checked some personal development and travel related books, and also has a large collection of paintings on the ground floor by the famous English contemporary artist, David Hockney, who is originally from nearby Bradford. I want to re-discover my love for art again. When I was a child, there was a series called 'The Great Artists' where I got to see the work of many famous artists. I used to really enjoy seeing paintings I love. Salvador Dali has since become by some distance my favourite painter, and I still 'keep in touch' with his works, but I would like to re-discover the works of other artists. Hockney is really good, I like his paintings. 

I then went for a walk along a small part of the Leeds and Liverpool canal, from Saltaire to Bingley, quite a nice walk, stopped in Bingley for a short while where there was a nice market, got the train back to Saltaire, did some shopping at good old ALDI, then came back home. 

I have slightly revised my goals and settings - have amended the friendship/relationship goals and amalgamated them into one, taken out the goal to do 2 videos a week - blogs seem more popular on here so I may just end up doing blogs rather than vlogs.

I still don't know whether to make one or two adjustments to the spiritual pathway I'm on - most of the people I am meeting are women and it is probably unrealistic to be able to make as many close friendships as I would if I was meeting more like minded guys. 

I will be doing some writing this evening - no X Factor to distract me, I refuse to watch the rest of the series after the travesty of Ella being voted out and Rylan and Christopher still being in. Now at home listening to a bit of football - even though I have become a bit disillusioned with certain aspects of the game, I still do enjoy it and I'm sure there is a reason that I do. 

Happy co-creating :) 

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