The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well I still here or back really for I laps for a few days and had a few nights out with friends, partying. It was over a week that I said that I would stop smoking and drinking yet it seems that I’m actually doing more of it?

So this Thursday I will have to do something else then got play pool. I have to change my routine so I have start a small hobby and I hope to fill my time developing a Hydro gas or water motor, to be used in cars. There are some very interesting processes out there now, that can actually run an engine on water.

All in all thought I have being doing well on the challenge I know that I have lost weight, my meditations are getting longer and deeper. I know that I have to take it in strides at times, and to be about to forgive myself and continue moving forward in a positive direction :)

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Comment by Craig G. Lewis on December 25, 2008 at 4:18pm
Hello Wil,

Doing find and enjoying the Holiday’s with my son and family :) Ya I have been very busy over the last few weeks, and being away has been interfering with the daily challenges. Actually I have not been following the program to the fullest. I will be getting back to the format now and starting again :) As long as we don’t quit, that is the main thing.

Sounds like you are meeting some nice people here at the CCOR. That is great yet, you seem that it is something wrong there. If you are feeling one thing and thinking something else than you are setting yourself up for confusion.

As with me I falling or what to fall in Love yet, Svetlana is a girl of little words, to be corresponding with. She lives in the Ukraine, and wants me to visit her before she will commit to a relationship. I write her everyday almost telling her all about me and my home, my family, my likes and dislikes, page after page, and she says that I’m here dream man. Yet if I get a paragraph once a week as a reply email I am lucky. I know very little about her. Not her job, not her family, not her likes or dislikes. It about how serious am I? When will I be visiting? and that she appreciate and love my letters.

I can have many negative thoughts, and just give up, and it may be silly and stupid to continue for she may not be how she say she is. Yet I’m thinking positive, and I’m making plans to visit Svetlana, and the words that I write are from my heart, it’s the real me and not the fake persona that I show the world. I have great faith that Svetlana and I are meant to be together and I feel from the few words that she writes me, that Svetlana feels the same.

Basically, we have to follow are hearts, and stop listening to the negative thoughts that pop up in our minds.
I also what to wish you a very Merry Christmas and may you have the future that you want and plan for and that it bring you happiness and joy.

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