The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Getting ready for work this morning, I noticed that I was thinking over and over in my head how I would roll out the project involved in the new job I am interviewing for on Thursday. I was trying to figure out in my head all of the steps I would take; what needed to go first, second, and I noticed that I was feeling really stressed out. I have done this in the past; anticipate worst case scenario and then try to figure out in my head every step to accomplish a goal. Then I remembered, wait a minute, I am remembering all I need to know about the Law of Attraction now! I don't need to work so hard to attain what I desire or reach my goals. I don't have to work hard at all - all I need to do is visualize and know that everything I work on will be a success and I will receive all I need to create what I desire, whether it is at work, with the project I am working on, and in all other aspects of my life. It was such a relief remembering this :) (typing this, I just released another huge breath). I visualize the ultimate of what I desire in any circumstance and expect and know that it will become reality - no figuring out the steps required. I know that when I see the outcome, the steps will come easily and will be fun and easy. What I need to accomplish my goals flows easily and effortlessly into my experience as needed. I have and will have everything I need. I easily handle any situation that arises feeling peaceful, calm and joyful. Life is easy and fun. All of my dreams are coming true. I am an eternal being. All is well. I am loved.

I am very grateful for meeting Buddy, the yellow lab, in the elevator today. He has absolutely beautiful energy, and shifted my state into a better feeling mood immediately. I am also very grateful for the squirrel that I watched at lunch, the bee who visited me while I was eating and all of the trees that surrounded me with a feeling of love. All of their energy feels so good to be around.

I am remembering that getting and feeling happy on a regular basis is one of my most important jobs :)

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