The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 24 - I deserve real love???

I feel like the more I write in here, the more "on track" I feel. It's sort of nice to be able to "check in" with this other world of mine that I have.


I've been thinking about these past few days all about my past and how that has shaped who I am and how I think and why I think the things I do. I realized that my parents loved me "conditionally" not "unconditionally" and that's why I feel I don't deserve love or abundance. 


My parents would do something nice for me like drive me somewhere or give me something, but not because it came from the goodness of their heart, but to make themselves feel like they are a good parent or so that I will be nice to them in return. So now whenever someone does something nice for me and I realize that they are doing it from the heart, it sometimes moves me to tears because it's just so different. It's hard for me to accept when someone compliments me or gives me something because I've always had this belief that they have an ulterior motive because my parents always did. 


What if I could assume that everyone is truly acting from the heart and not from the ego. Would that change my reality and the people I come in contact with? Let's find out...


Thankful for:


-New job in an easy going environment

-Money is coming in quickly

-Shopping today!

-Making new friends at work

-Creative project




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