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Day 25 - 36 - Silly Season - Still Keeping To Challenge - MONEY - Season 5

Hi all, I did not realise it had been nearly 12 days since I last posted. It appears my hobby has overtaken my writing lately. December is the busiest time for entering competitions and I just got caught up in it, 100s of advents, other Christmas comps etc etc... so my day is pretty full at the moment.

Still exercising, walking is my mode of exercise now, eft daily and doing a house of abundance meditation I downloaded off amazon. I am continuing to investigating my beliefs around the subject of money and gentle releasing the blocks. I am buying a book this week called "Money is Love" off Amazon as I like what the author wrote about it. I know intellectually money is simply a label for energy, a label for love, no different to me, or the trees, or a dog or a cat... So I want to more emotionally integrate this feeling of money as love. Because before cash and coins were created people exchange food and clothing. Tribes exchanged food with neighbouring tribes it was a very sacred love filled experience. So money is exchange, is all to do with relationships.

Even though I am not in a romantic relationship I am aware of the link with money and relationships as with money we connect with other humans and in a way money does make the world go round as we exchange energy through this form. I have been reading a book on sacred love and one evening found myself dreaming of releasing an old pattern of dependancy and neediness on men in my past and realise I am preparing myself for my future partner but also it is all linked in to abundance.

My house of abundance meditation takes me through rooms in my spiritual house (me) finances, relationships and health, all interlinked, all interconnected.

Lots of inner changes taking place.

I have had many very vivid symbolic dreams. I dream I was my best friend Mike (we tried romance never worked out) and I know we are to part and I want to part but the timing has to work and the pieces of life will come together when it is time, but in this dream I pulled up a large tree so I could look at its roots. I realised the tree was not unhealthy or dying but healthy, its roots were beautiful. I asked Mike if we can replant it as tree was okay, he said yeah. And the next thing I saw was underneath the roots were lots of plant pots. One plant pot was overflowing with soil, another had too little soil, both of these pots had no growth. The other pots had seedlings growing. It was all very symbolic.

In another dream I had I was being chase by 2 killer whales, one was black and white the other was black. They were competing with one another to see who could get to me first. The all black one leapt out of the river by my walk and came at me, I woke up as it was about to eat me. Lots of amazing dreams.

SO lots going on inside me.

I finished my novel. First of a series I feel. I am going to edit in the new year as I tried to edit a few days after finishing but realised I was too close to the story and so need to take a step back for it to more observational when editing.

Regarding Christmas. I don't really celebrate. I kinda feel uncomfortable about the commercial aspect of Christmas and not being a Christian I feel hypocritical. I love nature, may light some candles for the solstice and have a more traditional Yule but Mike is not a festive person so its probably going to be more an ordinary day for me. I had hoped to see my family before Christmas but it all depends on how abundantly open I am OR if the timing is right as January may be a better time to go see my family. Playing this all by ear.

So this is me for the past 2 weeks, how are you all? I will go take a peek at your blogs and hope to catch up soon. If you don't see me much in December its because of silly season with competitions.

Love to you all xxx

I will leave you with a friend I loved watching today...

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Comment by Raizel on December 6, 2012 at 5:05pm

Interesting idea to regard money as love, I've never thought of that before but it makes sense!

I'm not a Christian either but I love celebrating Christmas, for me it's more about celebrating my family and the love I have for them rather than anything else. I also quite like old Czech Christmas traditions, and then there's a couple of traditions that are only held in my family and I love those. It's not really about Jesus for me, and not about presents (I've never managed to get quite as excited about a present as when I was 10 and I got a Barbie van... no other Cristmas presents have ever topped that since lol), to me it's about the people I love :)

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