The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I am doing the exercise to write about relationships of the past that have not be resolved somehow. I write here something that I wish to say to them (and maybe I ll also try to explain and pacify with the real persons afterwards).

To C. --> You have been a sweet and respectful friend since elementary shool, memories of our childhood links us in our memories. I have been close to you and then pushed you away twice because of some aspects of your personality that were not working for me at the time, I felt like having to take care of you too much and I couldn t understand your choices. I am sorry if I hurt you doing that. You disappeared after the issue with R. I took the occasion to disappear as well. I should have spoken to you instead and try to find another way to stay in your life without feeling too tight! I wish you all the best and I hope everything is fine with your life.

To R.--> You have been the friend I had the best time in mylife! Never found someone like you again, light and interested in everything, intelligent and fun. There has been lots of competition too among us and maybe this is why you have been happy to take some distance at some point. Indipendently on how the things went I have memories of a lot of fun that I ll keep with me :p and I wish you all the best.

To F--> You gave me a lot of loyalty, presence, help and support for many years, at the same time your violent behaviour with others and some unresolved pain/hate made me feel the need to push you away and close our firendship. I am sorry for this, because I know how much you  valued our friendship. I am a lighter and less problematic person but very sensitive and I could not live with such negativity close to me. I should have maybe try to explain you more, and to give you a chance. I will try to take more time to explain instead of letting the feeling building up to then explode. I still think of you with love and gratitude for all the love you gave me and all the moments spent together :)

And now I ll go to sign a peace sign to these past friends... :) 

Have a wonderful day to all..

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