The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hmm... I've been a bit distracted from the challenge for the last couple of weeks but still things are moving along ok and I haven't given up on it totally, every day I am listening to a TR CD or reading something but the conscious effort to attract and my blogging has fallen down a bit.

I'm meeting with a potential new PT Client on Monday and I don't think I have had anyone come see me about PT's and not start yet so definitely moving along steadily as far as building the numbers.

One of my regular bootcampers is also bringing along a friend on Monday.

I'm tired, my training has been a bit flat this week and we have student grading on the weekend so I'm really just hanging on for that so I can then relax a bit and take 2 weeks of tkd classes. PT & Bootcamp will still continue but not teaching kids classes gives me a lot more time over the next 2 weeks to get some good work done at my desk.

I have organised some catch ups with friends and my mum over the holidays so it won't be all about work which will be a nice change!

Nothing major to report really but wanted to keep to my promise of blogging most days.

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