The 100 Day Reality Challenge

The energy is quite intense at the moment with a full moon this week .. just trying my best to ride the wave. Been a tough couple of days, particularly today, with my colleague being on holiday, but thankfully he is back tomorrow. 

I feel also that the angels/universe are wanting to help me resolve a fairly major conflict which has been in my life for the last couple of years .. I don't really want to say what it is, but I think I really need to get in touch with my heart and know what I really desire. And let go of some fears that have held me back. 

I have seen a vacancy starting next August for a voluntary co-ordinator at a Buddhist retreat centre in the south west of England, near Totnes which is a very alternative town and a place I like very much and one where I think I might love to live, having had a bit more thoughts about where I might like to move to. And would be nearer my family which would be nice. I showed it to my friend and she felt very strongly that I should go for it. I need to think of exactly how to go about it .. but will probably wait until the weekend at least cos the rest of the week might be a bit hardcore. 

Many blessings

Andy x

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