The 100 Day Reality Challenge

day 26, the spring is coming also in my mind and body!

Hi my dear cocreators!


long time ago, but still im doing my ccor things;-)


I made progess; did my reiki 1: it was GREAT! and its still great!

start with my study interior styling; it IS Great!!!

and i lost weight! it FEELS great!!


I get also the things I want; i have new (cratice) glasses;-) because of my new creative styling!!

I get really nice sunglasses (gucci) for my b-day!! WOW i feeeel sooo luxurious!!!

I want for a long time a special saltstone (its really healthy one because of radiation and so on)..and you know..he was expensive..but by my b-day i get a lot of money, so I decided to buy it, because many reasonsss!! Im so happy with him (yeah he is for me a men! my saltstone men..he is a beaaaauuuuty!!!!) he is a reallly big one!!

I allmost get everuthing I want (and whats one my visionboard!!!)


So I have to focuss more,!


I have money for my organic food, allways

I have money to buy a lot of new spring clothes and shoes, within two weeks

I still loose a lot of weight! within 6 weeks I loose 6 more kilo's

My bf and I have a lovely relation with a lot of passion! from now till my dead :-)

My study goes very well, im  such a talent! I ll be a famous interior stylist

I get a better position in at my work so it makes me happier and so much more fun!i ll start directly

I will buy the book I want from my favorite designer, i ll pick it up next week

I get some extra money for my study, before I have to pay it!

I have a lot of energy from now!

my bf and I will have a great day 30th of april in a very romantic hotel!

I can running again next week!

my bf and I will buy a lot of nice stuff for our home, because i ll come back and we will pimp it up! we have enough money to do the bethroom, the study room the garden and the bathroom

and we will have o safe new car!!!


im so happy with all these things!!!

im so gratefullllll!!!!


thankssss a lot!!




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Comment by Maria on March 18, 2011 at 9:38am

thx you Glory

lots of love!!


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