The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 27 ~~~~~~~~~~~ FACTS & REASULTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Things ARE strange!!

The sun and every other little thing are reacting to the evolution (as i understand it)

There are these strange sleepless nights, like you sleep and you are awake at the same time,

knowing what's going on around.

This mic. in the ears, changing tones.

This push inside the head, like the brain is getting larger or something.

And so on...

From the time i started creating my mer ka ba field & fixing-healing the energies around my body, my aura & chakras, i'm experiencing  all this energies in a complete different way!!

  It gives little pushes to do better, from my heart, with love, and expecting nothing back from no body.... if something comes back i feel grateful...

There is a return of everything... so i manifest from my heart for more light, more love to come inside me so i will able to give more and MORE D!

When i started doing all this, only few months ago, it was more like a fairy tail...

How it was possible to live everything to it's luck, my life, my business, with out my care, everything will fall a part!!

But i was feeling that something was going on, inside my body my mind and all around the world....

Everything happened really fast!!

The only thing i needed to to was to give a tiny bit of trust....

And it was trust to what i'm feeling, it has nothing to do with anything outside of me!

That makes it a little more easier!!!

From that time on only miracles are happening...

The universe is taking care of me, so i'll be able to be LOVE and transform to the new.

There is only one rule!!!


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