The 100 Day Reality Challenge

FINALLY, today, starting my fitness again after some weeks of pause.My body is still in ok shape, but already at the end of this week,it will be much more fit, :) a good ADVICE to you cocreators and a GREAT MOTIVATOR is, train 2 hours one day and 1 hour another, mix

it up a bit, and you will get much faster results within a short time, which is a huge motivation booster!! Why wait? monday and wednesday i will train 2 hours of aerobics, one hour less intensive, the two other classes tuesday and thursday, will be 1 hour each.

About my photographs and new headshots that i mentioned in an earlier blog, i ll get them next week.

So things are going forward, and as it says in my profile, I do videos as well, i will release one after mercury

retrograde , the communication hap-hazard-style in the air,   will end....if you dont know about mercury retrograde, google it,  it is good stuff to know!!

CHEERS and may you all co creators go forward!!

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