The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi cocreators! 

Im just writng the things i have to sort out...

1) contact a supervisor

2) meet up people in the same mind set

3) find places to practice in uk 

4) website wordpress theme

5) record wordweaving 

6) read books

7) camera, micro, trepied

8) iphone ? sim card?

9) a place in guildford ?

10) Holiday ? travel ?

11) NCH membership and address

12) what to do with wix website? fb page?

13) considere skype as an option

14) go to guildford town hall to ask about rooms to practice

15) find maybe dance class or something to move my body

16) attract money to my life

17) organise my courses in french/english

sorry not very interesting for you !! ahaah i hope you are all good :)

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