The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Sjoe, where has the time gone to!! I did not do any video blogs the past few days... been quite busy with my guests here from South Africa and also in between entertaining trying to work hard towards the charity / fundraising project goal.

To recap the past few days... and I struggle to remember everything we did.....but basically we contacted the promotion company asking to contact Andreo Bochelli, the pr/ communications company MS & L sounded very interested in what we are doing, we need to send them a proposal too (we being my friend & I); then we need to send the proposal to Burj Al Arab, Emirates Palace as well.
On Thursday we met up with a very nice American guy, he is the business development manager for the group that owns Harley Davidson etc here (this friend of mine is very connected even though she lives in SA) he is going to set up a meeting for us with the GM of Harley, they are having a bike week on 17th March, we want to link the charity up with them.....

My friend &and her husband are meeting up with the guy and his burj al arab marketing director wife today...
I've emailed a radio presenter asking her to be the ambassodor of the charity......................... so things are coming along just fine...

As for my other goals..... I have been very bad.... not eating healthy, eating sweets and not being focused enough, my intention the next week is am going to start eating healthy again, exercising etc. This in return will benefit my diabetes.

ok this is all for today, have a wonderfull loving Valentines day..... love yourself and those around you...


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