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Day 28 - Interesting way to END my February Self-Appreciation Challenge.

Day 28 - LAST Day of my February Appreciation Challenge...

And what an interesting way to end it as well .. lol

I've decided that my financial contrast is good opportunity for me to really get a handle on what this Abraham stuff means to me...

And furthermore, Today marks the 3rd time I've decided to SIGNIFICANTLY change how I approach my days, how I apply the Abraham teachings. Third time's a charm ;)

Basically, I'm a strong wanter... what I don't want and what I do want couldn't be more obvious, and my desire to be a powerful example of deliberate creation at its finest and most powerfullest couldn't be clearer... and I believe in my efforts to portray this to myself and others, I've gone over board.. alot!! with documents, I've gone nuts! processes, sometimes I'll stack 4-5 abraham processes and demand myself to do them every day. ... well that did't work.. and at that moment, a few weeks ago, i sort of got mad at ABraham, it was quite funny in my head. "you said this.. etc.." lol

And the next day, I made my first decision to significantly change my approach to life, my days, my moments. I was just gonna CHILL out, because Trying to chill out sure wasn't getting me anywhere.. lol... I wanted to feel my self love so bad at such a strong level that i was trying not to try so hard.. it was quite ridiculous lol.

And well, here I am today... making basically the same decision with a little more insight.. Up til now, I've done a great job, and I've convinced myself that caring about how i feel is more important than anything else. But i still kept trying to expedite things, and anything that feels like trying automatically turns you up stream (as Abe says). So here I am today, for the third time, telling Derek.. JUST CHILL! Jeez! lol We'll get there, we'll get there! We know that you want to be THERE so bad that if you feel you can't have that state of being and creation, you don't feel sticking around here is worth it, we know we know!

And my new insight is this.. I hadn't really understood what the "emotional journey" was in this way until just a few minutes ago. thus inspiring me to post on here.

At first, in all of my valiant uphill efforts to try to feel better lol, I thought it was a subject by subject thing... where I notice some uneasy feelings on one subject, and then take that subject and work on JUST that subject with my journal, finding better feeling thoughts and utilizing the contrast to clarify what I'm wanting... and that sort of worked... lol, I mean I kissed a gorgeous woman, found 200 bucks, secured what feels like the perfect job for me now, and got a new saxophone, etc. etc. But it still felt like work, it still felt like... a struggle of some sorts...

so i now view the emotional journey as this ....
first. i make the decision that how i feel at any given moment matters most. easy.. done.
second. I just go throughout my day, paying attention to how I'm feeling, because it matters most, during the different aspects of my day..
interacting with others
doing emails
eating food, etc.
and lastly... IF/WHEN any uneasiness arises... I simply reach for relief with my deliberate thought... easy huh? done!

i'm all about fun, easiness.. and i'll be doing more self-appreciations.
so now I've cut down on how many Abe processes I'm applying at once lol, i have two now that are dear to me.. Self-appreciation and moment by moment awareness of my emotions, reaching for relief when the opportunities of uneasy feelings reveal themselves.

Below is a song and quote with Abraham's words to further illustrate my new awareness.
Love to all!

PS - it looks like the end of this month will begin a new, easier feeling journey for me... i like that.

Here's an Abraham based song that inspired my new, easier feeling conclusions around the emotional journey.

And here's an Abraham quote I received today, that first brought my new awareness of my new interpretation of the Emotional Journey.

So as you make a decision, "Nothing is more important than that I feel good." What begins to happen to you is, you begin to guide your thought, your every word, and your action.

You guide your memory. You don't say, "This is how I grew up and therefore I have to deal with it. And dig it up every day and suffer over it." You say, "There were things in my past that were unpleasant. But there were things in my past that were pleasant. I will choose those that feel pleasant."

Or, "There are things in my Now that I have imagined into the future that are awful." Or "There are things that I imagine in the future that are wonderful. I will focus upon those that are wonderful."

But you can't jump vibrations all at once. So, stop beating up on yourself. We want you to be willing and happy to make the jumps incrementally. We want your journey to be about the improvement, about the way YOU FEEL.

There's relief everywhere you go. And, there's reward to you, everywhere you go. Do not equate how you feel about something with how anybody else feels. Because they're not in on your equation. You're not being compared to anyone.

But there is an ABSOLUTE COMPARISON BETWEEN THE VIBRATION OF WHO-YOU-REALLY- ARE AND THE VIBRATION OF YOUR MOMENT. And it's your job, and only your job to bring harmony to that.

You have to take the Emotional Journey, first. And when you decide to take the Emotional Journey on every subject that's important to you, you're going to discover BY TOMORROW how much better you can feel about things that you haven't been feeling good about. And IN THE MOMENT THAT YOU CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL EVEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT, EVERYTHING RELATED TO YOU, RELATED TO THAT SUBJECT WILL BEGIN TO SHIFT. AND THERE WILL BE EVIDENCE ON YOUR DOORSTEP BY THE WEEKEND.

Abraham - Washington, DC 10-16-04

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