The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 28: Juggling all the moves Life is bringing to the dance floor!!

I have been so busy in the last three days that I haven't had the time to report everything that's been going on. Let me try to recap:

1) I took Rikka's activation on Sunday and although it was very good, it reminded me why I've chosen not to follow any program in 2014: because I get confused with other people's path and I lose my center trying to practice tools that are not completely aligned with me. 

2) On Monday (=yesterday), I started an exchange of 4 consecutive days of Reiki to shake my energy for a Rune reading. I'm on day two and it's been amazing. Yesterday I connected how I don't value my work enough for fear of being abusive in my rates. And life kindly invited me to pass 2 estimates with a rate that feels perfect. In order to get there, I came up with a process in which the wisest part of me coaches the programmed part of me. AWESOME!! Today, while on session, some new ideas for my book came to me.

3) Work is coming to me from every direction. Old clients, new opportunities, and all of my Consciousness Catalyst activities starting next week. Plus being a mom with a kid on summer vacation. "WOnder woman...!" (I SO loved that show when I was a kid...!).

4) In barely 5 minutes I'm starting a new Triad adventure with a person from America, another one from Australia and me from Argentina. We are calling it The AAA!!! Its purpose? To support each other in our consciousness journey <3

Thank you for supporting my challenge. Lots of blankets of love and support to you too!!!

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