The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 28 - Under Constriction or Creating Miracles

      Funny how the journey has been unfolding... Not in the comedy sense of the word, but the intringuing way I'm starting to perceive the Universe and life laws work. So far I felt the need to elaborate on:

. Inner beliefs and subconscious

. feeling hurt

. proactivity

. commitment, plans, fear, self-esteem, confidence

     I perceive those are the core topics which revolve around my core beliefs. Ha! Interesting, isn't it?

     The second thing which intrigued me was that if you don't start making plans and creating objectives in your life, you won't get where you want, cause your want is your will of determining and following your own determination. Human beings are made under this law. Achieve a goal and you will make yourself happy. Of course we are who we are, but I'm focusing on the wholeness of being spiritual+material = ONENESS. Right?

     So, that being said, I want to keep communicating my journey, so here it is:

     So far I continued the meetings I had with an old friend and this has been veeery good, cause we are following Wayne Dyer's book "The Power of Intention". We are still on the 1st chapter, but we already discovered a whole lot of things. The meetings have been very rich and we came up with a concept that will help us: the Star Map. It's just a guide to help us monitor our commitment to do certain things to achieve our goals. I'm still working on it, but when it's ready i'll show you!

      Yesterday was a good day, cause I was able to follow my agenda and do stuff I wanted to do, like organize my things and wash clothes. Even exercising! What I felt though, is how I'm feeling while I do the tasks:  my speed (haha). Since I'm accostuming to the new habits I decided to have, It's like I'm "eating" them and sloooowly digesting them (haha)... Before washing the clothes I was gazing for a long time the basket of dirty clothes, kind of acknowledging it, seeing it reaaally existed, understanding how my actions led me to it, and to cleaning it. Just so you know, I'm on a phase where I see every material thing as a refletion of a mental state, so when my bedroom was disorganized I saw how confuse I was, and that became a whole self-talk about how I handle things and how I was taught to handle things. By the way: that's a good question you can ask yourself before moving on to the the next part of the text, so... "How do you handle things?" and "How were you taught to handle things?" you can answer that in the comments below if you want. I am sure it's a question that leads to a lot of surfacing the subconsious habits that lead to a whole set of beliefs, actions and behaviours! TRY IT! =]

      Well, I was able to wash the clothes (not all I wanted, but it was something). The thing that matter the most is: I'm on my way... I'm under construction...

I'm in the middle of the skelletion of the building!

The sign if up front my inner house...And I'm digging the foundation that will make it strong to resist and accomplish its purpose!

     So, guys, I know that here we talk a lot about what's spiritual, about miracles...But make your own life your miracle... One of my goals is making every moment VERY special! And even more: PRECIOUS. And give value to my body and soul and spirit.

     My star map has some main objectives:

1- waking up early (I had many big issues because of this one);

2- Manage my college routine;

3- Handle procrastination;

4- A goal for my life (beyond college); 

5- About money;

6 - Eat well and learn how to cook;

7 - Exercising;

8 - Having a routine (habits and rituals);

9- Neutralize family negativity and family negative beliefs;

And I will set a time and date for it. And the actions to accomplish it, of course! Wish me luck!


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Comment by Salina R. on March 27, 2013 at 4:49pm
Hey I'm not sure if this is the post, but I think it is. Any who, I think you're doing great especially with the star map. Interesting idea. I'll have to jot that down for next season ;-). Sending some love your way.

Oh, if you're interested, I have a chapter from the Hendricks Institute. If you're interested, PM me.

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