The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 28, What a beautiful weekend!

I might have just learned two or three important lessons in my life so far....But I think the most imp one would be 'to be grateful for what you have'. It just turned out to be so so so powerful for me over the weekend.


I had a lovely holiday weekend with people I love the most on earth. While it was great for me, the mere time and company with these people, they seemed to be cribbing throughout for some or the other thing. The first day we were caught up in traffic, mobs etc etc. but all I was secretly praying to God was Thank you god for such a wonderful time with these people...I luv them so so much and I hope you always keep them happy. Mentally, I would just visualize them being happy. And so it was...our second day was so much of fun. And everything was bright and beautiful the next was just so perfect. I luv them so so much and every day grateful for them being in my life. They made me a part of their family and helped change the course of my life in a way I had never thought.


Every minute we were caught up in something, I would just think for a second that is this real? Does it really matter? What if I put more attention to the being grateful part? Now, I haven't been the kind of a person who is super positive and all, but the day I started making an effort to look at only the journey started in 2008....things did started looking different to me. I would have to confess that yes there were lots of falling in between, I lost hope again sometime last year....but no....I was determined to pick up and walk again. Career success, finding love, building healthy relationships, money, peace, m not ready to give up!


I received a mail inbetween about some work related stuff. For a second, I was like..Wat the **** I didn't want to interact with this client because I knew it would just drain me out. It so happened, that by the end of the day I just shifting my thought process and started putting in all the possible positive things and more opportunities that might come up while interacting with this person. Recently, I read an article about how difficult people are actually angels in disguise and they merely help us go deep down inside ourselves. They are just a mirror of what we are.


And so here I am, on the path of transformation.... And discovering the true power of gratitude...





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