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What a great day of manifesting! lately I have been so thankful of all my great friends and family and just a  lil surprise my friend was in town today and got off work early and so did i and we had an awesome fun super cool afternoon!! I was/am so super happy about allot the fun things that we did :) I have been kinda brushing up the ol goals lately...and just refining them, realizing more and what i want and desire and trying to clean up my vibration so its not too mixy with stuff i dont really visions inspire my thoughts as I get closer to new years! i notice times when its easy to kick a less than desirable vibration, and notice how easy it really can be! looking forward to a great day tomorrow where i am able to get alot done in a little time because i am in the flow of the universe and i feel good in my body. very aligned with me, in the present moment. I realize i can afford to not take life so personally, by doing this i see how much wasted energy i can save. its ok to just be compassionate as possible and carry on....there is really something to be said as far as carrying on in this way...other competing thoughts melt away. LOVE YOU GUYS!! nite nite CCOR...check out this clip its AWESOME!!!!!!



these i will use to dance on the woes of the world :)

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