The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It's my day 3 of the 100 day reality challenge. The strange thing is, up until a few years ago I used to comment about how all my wishes always come true and how everything I really wanted, happened. I never realized why but now that I've been really struggling and came across the law of attraction, I know why. I can also see how I attracted some of the negativity that I'm dealing with now.

My 100 day challenge includes mostly having the negativity in my life resolved in a very positive way. I know it's all going to resolve as it should, leaving me better for the experience of having gone through it. In addition to getting back in control of my life by resolving the negative stuff, I see my family starting on the path of our long time dream to buy a boat and cruise the east coast (U.S.), Caribbean and beyond. I'm ready for adventure! I really think we can be ready to buy the boat in the next 100 days and my season 2 can focus on planning the adventure with my family.

I've included my husband and our two kids in my challenge. I think children are especially powerful at manifesting things in their lives and what our family does, they do too. They can't wait to experience the adventure.

Other items that I'm working on myself include:
-obtaining a provisional patent on an invention of mine
-writing a book proposal (to find a co-author with a platform)
-working on my skills playing roller derby (I'm going to be jamming which requires a much better fitness level than I'm currently at)

My biggest problem is that I'm a control freak and I've been focusing on what I have no control over lately when I should be focusing on what I do have control over. This is a big lesson for me and I'm really struggling. I like to plan and it seems that until my yucky stuff resolves, there is so much up in the air right now.

Peace and Love,

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