The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Good morning yesterday was a day of answered prayer. My husband has been a little depressed because of his financial situation, he just was not able to provide the way he used to and it was bothering him so he turned to things he used to do in his past, illegal things, selling drugs. I prayed out to God that he will stop the enemys plan for his life and that my husband will get off that path hes on and desire to do things God's way and he low and behold he got arrested yesterday. Now it is definately bittersweet because i have to deal with being away from him and i love him with everything in me but God answered my prayer. That is where he needs to be , he will learn and grow without much distraction and I will learn and grow from this as well. He is an amazing man with the best heart ever. I have high hopes for how things will turn out for our marriage.

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