The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So I started my first season on January 8th, and i was sure i was going to have a vlog on it by now, but for some reason it's not ligning up... i attempted twice now and the first time the sound of my 10 min vlog was off. the second time it cut me off cuz my battery died and then i wasn't able to find a good video editing program to make it work. i spent 4 hours on my pc, dealing with it and had no result besides frustration...oh well, today i just hung out with some friends after work and enjoyed great conversations that made me realize that i really want to make peace, happiness and ease my main focus for my 100 day reality challenge.

I've decided to spend less time on the computer and more time outside for now. I love how aware i am becoming of living and feeling the present moment and how grateful i am with the things i have right now:) it gives me such peace and ease. I am learning to bring my busy mind to the here and now and all of a sudden it doesn't have that much to think about anymore. it's great! now all I've got to do is keep it up:D

My intention for tonight is: falling asleep with positive thoughts and the intention to have happy drams:) I want to wake up with lots of energy, enthusiasm, inspiration and excitement to start a new day:)

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